When Should You Seek Damages For a Slip and Fall?

Unfortunately, during the winter season, slip and falls are a pretty common occurrence. However, if you were seriously injured from a slip and fall on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to compensation. In the state of New York, as well as Manhattan, it is a property owner’s responsibility to keep their building, land, and walkways safe and clear or any potential harm or danger. This includes shoveling snow, removing ice, and standing pools of water.

What Happens After a Slip and Fall Accident?

Sometimes, you may feel embarrassed or uneasy after a slip and fall accident. You might be quick to jump up, run or roll away, or go somewhere else where you feel safer. Instead, take a moment to stay put. It’s important to document where you were (or have someone else record the area of your slip and fall) and contact a doctor or emergency services, depending on how severe your injuries may be. The best time to document the scene of your slip and fall is immediately after the accident happens. Doing so immediately ensures you can capture photos and a write up of any issues, including standing water, ice, or excess snow before it is cleared, melted, or removed. If there are any witnesses around, it is helpful to gather their contact information as well.

How Do I Know if I Should Contact a Lawyer?

After you’ve experienced a slip and fall, you might feel it’s silly or unnecessary to contact a lawyer. People often think that since they have handled submitting smaller car accident claims on their own, they can do the same and can handle a slip and fall accident on their own. However, a slip and fall accident has a lot more nuance and can be more difficult to prove over a car accident. Working with an experienced lawyer means having someone who knows the ins and outs, what to look for, and understanding how much your insurance company really should pay you.

A landlord of any property may be held liable in a slip and fall accident. In addition, your insurance company should also be held responsible for the policy you have with them. Often, insurance companies attempt to pay the bare minimum, even though you may be entitled to more compensation. It can be a confusing and challenging process and having a trusted, experienced partner on your side can help. We’re here to help guide you and be by your side throughout the process.

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