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Slipped from the Cold Weather?

As a New Yorker, you know cold weather is simply part of the package. While it is important to combat various aspects of our extreme weather, including dress properly, it is also important to note property and business owners have certain responsibilities as well.

Slip and falls occur around the year, regardless of season, but they increase in frequency during the winter months—especially in New York. This is why our Manhattan slip and fall attorneys of Loscalzo & Loscalzo, P.C. are so passionate about ensuring victims of another’s negligence are protected and compensated for their costly medical bills, loss of work or wages, and emotional distress.

Common reasons behind a slip and fall accident in the winter include, but are not limited to:

  • Icy and snowy ground
  • Failure to mop up rainy entrances
  • Lack of drying mats close to entrance of building

As you can imagine, enduring a slip and fall in the winter can be quite painful and damaging. This is why it is vital the responsible parties are held liable for this occurrence, whether it be the property owner, landlord, business owner, snow removal contractor, and even the city in which it occurred.

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