Top Causes of NYC Car Accidents

undefinedNew York City is a unique place. We have thousands of residents in such a small space which increases both pedestrians and vehicles in just a few square miles. This unique setting creates a different landscape for roads, walkways and also causes its own unique set of obstacles. This, unfortunately, results in more motor vehicle accidents and distractions.

Injured in a car crash? Check out the common trends of NYC car accidents so you know what to look out for on the road.

Top 3 Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents in Manhattan

  • Crashes with Human Factors. This is the largest and top cause of crashes by 10x. Human factors can include any of the following:

    • Aggressive Driving

    • Cell Phone Usage and Texting (both hands-free and handheld)

    • Driver Inattention and Distraction

    • Inexperienced Drivers

    • Eating and/or Drinking

    • Falling Asleep or Fatigue

    • Following or Passing too Closely

    • Using Headphones

    • Sudden Illness

    • Pedestrian Confusion, or Bicyclist

    • Unsafe Lane Changing

  • Crashes with Environmental Factors. These types of crashes can be categorized as mainly outside-of-the-vehicle factors. This can be a glare on the road or in the vehicle, an animal’s action, inadequate lane markings, obstructions or debris on the road, defective or slippery pavement, broken traffic control equipment, and any other uncategorized environmental factors.

  • Crashes with Vehicular Failure. While these crashes typically occur due to a vehicle defect, a vehicular failure can also be defined as a driverless or runaway vehicle, a lighting issue, tinted windows, tire failure, inadequate windshield or wipers, as well as oversized vehicles. While most of NYC’s accidents are caused by human factors, a lack of vehicle maintenance in the city also impacts a number of accidents.

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