New Law Brings Changes to NYC Construction

Construction workers in New York City are now required to complete mandatory training. On December 1st, 2019, a law was passed that is going into its second phase since the inception of the statute in 2017. This is called the NYC Local Law 196, and it is a safety law that affects construction workers in New York City. Most construction workers at major sites will be affected by the new law. The dangerous nature of the construction business is the incentive and motivation for this new law, which aims to protect workers’ safety through additional training.

Safety and Training, NYC Workers

New York City’s construction workers face a variety of pressures to perform their work and meet deadlines. This pressure can create hazardous conditions. As a result, the most common injury of construction workers is falling due to a failure to use a harness. Even the most experienced construction workers are at risk of falling any time the basic safety precautions are ignored. The Department of Buildings has been passing new laws since 2008 aimed at addressing the most common issues faced by construction and demolition workers.

Additional safeguards are included in the new law, which will have an impact on both construction and demolition workers in the city. The second phase of the law has additional provisions that are now going into effect. This includes the requirement that construction workers must complete OSHA 10 training within the last five years. The second phase level also requires workers to obtain 30 hours of training. Additional provisions of the law also affect other areas like the ability to smoke on the job site, which is now banned. There are also new rules for color-coding uniforms and other safety training protocols.

Phase 2 of NYC Local Law 196

The new phase of the law also requires that all construction workers must now carry a Site Safety Training Card. This is part of the law that also requires workers at locations with a Site Safety Plan to have at least 40 hours of training. This is required even at sites that have site safety manager, coordinator or construction superintendent present on the site. The card will effectively prove that the worker has attended and completed all of the safety training that is required by the first phase of the law, which went into effect in March of 2018. This new phase of the law brings immediate changes to construction work in the city.

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