Manhattan Construction Accident Attorneys

Pursing Compensation for Construction Workers in NYC

Because of the inherently dangerous nature of almost all construction sites, construction accidents continue to occur on a daily basis, despite numerous state and federal safety laws and regulations that have been enacted to protect construction workers.

Construction companies, contractors, and developers have a legal obligation to provide a safe working environment, and ensure that all employees are given adequate safety training and that safety protocol is followed at all times. If a construction worker is injured or wrongfully killed while on the job, the construction company, contractor, and/or developer can be held liable for damages by an experienced personal injury attorney.

Legal Assistance for Dangerous Jobs

There are countless potential hazards and dangers inherent in almost every construction site. It’s important for all construction workers to exercise extreme caution, and keep their eyes open for any hazardous conditions or dangerous situations that could lead to a construction accident.

Construction accidents can result from a number of circumstances, including:

  • Reckless behavior or misconduct
  • Negligence
  • Falling from heights or elevations
  • Scaffolding accidents
  • Roof collapses
  • Trench collapses
  • Structure failure
  • Falling objects
  • Defective or malfunctioning equipment
  • Defective or malfunctioning tools
  • Electrocutions
  • Explosions
  • Exposure to toxic materials or chemicals
  • Slip, trip, and fall accidents
  • Inadequate warning signs
  • Inadequate safety training or guidelines
  • Failure to implement and/or enforce safety guidelines

Workers involved in construction accidents often face severe, painful, and debilitating injuries. Construction injuries can be brought on by one accident, or by repetitive activity or exposure.

Filing a Lawsuit for Compensation

If you have been injured in a construction accident in Manhattan, you are urged to take legal action right away. Constructions workers who are injured in accidents caused by another person’s negligent conduct are legally entitled to be compensated for their pain, suffering, psychological distress, medical bills, treatment costs, and financial hardship. However, you only have three years to file a personal injury claim for your injuries.

Failure to do so will waive your right to file a lawsuit and recover damages. At Loscalzo & Loscalzo, P.C., we have over 48 years of experience representing injured construction workers throughout Manhattan. We are dedicated to building the most compelling cases possible, and negotiating for high settlements.

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