What is a Slip & Fall Lawsuit?

Construction workers in yellow hard hats directing a cement bucket to its location in the pouring rain

Similar to how it sounds, a slip and fall lawsuit can occur after someone slips, trips, or is injured while walking or running on someone else’s property. We’ll dive a bit deeper into what constitutes a slip & fall and who is responsible for the accident.

Slip and fall accidents can cause minor or major injuries. Slip and fall accidents are sometimes overlooked as minor, irrelevant accidents. Still, someone can incur years of pain and suffering after a slip and fall accident, even if the injury looks to be minor at first.

Slip & Fall Accidents and Worker’s Compensation Lawsuits

According to the National Floor Safety Institute:

“Falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits, representing the leading cause of visits (21.3%). Slips and falls account for over 1 million visits, or 12% of total falls.

Slips and falls do not constitute a primary cause of fatal occupational injuries, but represent the primary cause of lost days from work.

Slips and falls are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims and are the leading cause of occupational injury for people aged 55 years and older.”

While a slip and fall accident can happen anywhere, they are common at a business as full-time workers spend the majority of time at their place of work. Most businesses have insurance that helps cover them when someone is hurt on the job or their property. Filing a suit can help hold those accountable for their negligence.

When Would I File for a Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

If you were injured on someone else’s property due to their negligence, you might want to speak to a lawyer to see if you have a case. The property could be private or public. Public property could be public streets, sidewalks, bridges, and more. Even if your injury seems minor right now, it may become worse over time and could be an injury you need to manage long-term.

Determining negligence in a slip and fall case is typically the most challenging piece. However, if property owners fail to protect their visitors from harm, they can be held liable. If you or someone you know was injured due to someone else’s negligence, gathering photo evidence or documenting witness stories can help your potential case.

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