Construction Sites: How to Prepare for Winter Weather in NYC

Warning road sign and orange cone.Winter service vehicle snow blower work.Careful on snowy icy roads

The winter months tend to be unpredictable and New York tends to experience the brunt of those harsh winter months. That's why it's crucial as an employee to thoroughly prepare for the upcoming winter conditions. Your employer is responsible for providing the utmost duty of care and safety to their employees working on the site, however, if they did not take an appropriate amount of caution when preparing for hazardous weather conditions, you might end up suffering injuries as a result of their negligence. If this occurs, the employers may be held responsible for their carelessness. Here are some helpful tips to keep yourself safe when anticipating the winter season for your site.

Practice Weather Awareness

You can’t control the harsh weather; however, you can take actionable steps to protect yourself from an accident resulting in devastating injuries and overwhelming medical bills.

  • Check weather forecasts in your area daily. This action can allow you to take preventative measures before hazardous conditions arise.

  • Consider finishing your projects before a winter storm hits.

Winterize Your Equipment

In the construction industry, safety should always be the main priority. When freezing temperatures and snow come, the outcome could be hazardous and damaging to the property, machines, and equipment, resulting in devastating injuries. Winterizing the machines and equipment can help prevent any accidents from occurring.

  • Before a winter storm, It's always a good idea to store the equipment you are using in a sheltered area to protect them from harsh winter conditions. If not stored correctly, it could result in an incident where an employee could get seriously injured.

  • Winterize your machinery by changing the fuel and oil to winter blends. If your employer does not take the appropriate precautions to winterize the equipment properly, it could result in negligence if one of the employees gets hurt on the job.

Plan with Caution

Planning and executing an action plan for your site helps prepare for hazardous conditions and secure your workers properly.

  • It may be beneficial to do a winter weather risk assessment before carefully planning what projects need to be finished.

  • Keep yourself informed and communicate important information and updates on the plan. Clear communication and strategy will ensure your safety and outline the jobs that need to be done.

  • Be diligent in clearing pathways and surfaces of ice and snow. Shoveling and treating icy surfaces help decrease the chance of a slip and fall accident on the job site.

Working on a construction site can encompass a high risk of dangers and severe injuries. It would be best to be extra cautious when dealing with hazardous weather conditions such as snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. Following these preventative tips can help you prepare for all types of weather-related hazards on the site and help to avoid an injury while working.

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