Why You Should Let Your Attorney Talk to Insurance Companies for You

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If you’ve never been in a car accident before, you might not be aware of this, but insurance companies may not have your best interests in mind. While you might have peace of mind knowing that you’re paying your insurance company every month to keep you safe after an accident, that could change. Having a skilled and knowledgeable attorney at your side before you speak to an insurance company can help ensure you’re getting what you deserve.

Speaking to Your Insurance Company After an Accident

You might assume that your insurance company has your back, considering you pay them every month or year for coverage. However, that may not always be the case. Unfortunately, most insurance companies are doing whatever it takes to keep their profits. Having to pay out a decent settlement for your damages and injuries can cut into those profits.

Hiring a skilled accident attorney to help handle conversations and dealings with your insurance company and any other involved in the accident can help you in the long run. Negotiating with insurance companies can be difficult, but an attorney who’s handled this type of case before can have your back and push for the compensation you deserve.

Not all insurance companies are out to get you or short-hand you out of any compensation you deserve. But part of figuring out your claims and insurance payout is negotiation. Be sure you’re not losing out on any potential help or funds you may need for the future. An attorney can help defend your rights and help you receive the maximum compensation.

Dealing with the Other Insurance Company After an Accident

Depending on the type of car accident you were in, you may hear from the other party’s insurance company. If you were in another kind of injury accident, for example, you slipped and fell on public property; you would most likely be dealing with the insurance company of the owner of that property. Our best advice is to not speak with this other insurance company directly before consulting a lawyer. They may ask you specific questions to try and trick or fool you into admitting fault, and therefore lowering your compensation or stop you from receiving any payment at all for your accident.

Insurance companies have been known to:

  • Lowball offers of compensation

  • Offer a check right here and now with an amount lower than you may need, but entice you by saying you can get your cash ASAP

  • Manipulate you or injured parties by withholding information about the claims process to prohibit you from receiving your maximum compensation

  • Force you to jump through unnecessary hoops, to make it feel as if the claims process is too cumbersome and making the settlement feel as if it’s not worth your effort

Hiring a lawyer to help deal with insurance companies and claims also enables you to make sure you’re uncovering all evidence regarding your claim. There may be parts of the law and sections of your insurance contracts that you may not fully understand. Having a lawyer who’s been through this process before can help you successfully get through the claims process and win the compensation you deserve.

After an accident, the world can feel scary and as if everyone is against you, including your own insurance company. However, hiring an attorney who can help handle this process for you, walk you through all of the process steps, and who has your back and your best interest in mind can make a difference.

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