Top 5 Dangerous Roads in Manhattan

NYC Times Square at night

We all know driving in Manhattan can give anyone a headache, but do you know the most dangerous driving areas? We looked into the NYC Open Data provided by the NYC Police Department. This data is updated daily, and we pulled our numbers as of February 25, 2020. These numbers are based on motor vehicle accidents reported on each street in Manhattan. What do you think is the most dangerous road in Manhattan?

  1. Broadway

Coming in at number one on our list, Broadway has had 7,115 motor vehicle accidents reported between 2013 and today. It’s no surprise that Broadway would have the largest amount of motor vehicle accidents, as it spans the entire length of Manhattan. Broadway clocks in at 33 miles in length. It is also the oldest north-south road through New York City and is one of the heaviest traveled roads. Broadway has undergone many updates and renovations, and extra construction and new traffic patterns can be a large cause of accidents too.

  1. 2nd Avenue

In the number two spot, especially fitting for its name, 2nd Street has had 6,445 motor vehicle accidents reported between 2013 and today. Surprisingly, the majority of traffic on 2nd avenue is one-way, so most accidents do not occur from issues with oncoming traffic. 2nd Avenue measures a little under six and a half miles, and like Broadway, runs right through the heart of Manhattan. 2nd Avenue traffic heads right into the heart of downtown, which tends to get busy, congested with traffic, and a cause of many motor vehicle accidents.

  1. 3rd Avenue

Coming in number three, 3rd Avenue had 4,619 motor vehicle accidents between 2013 and today. 3rd Avenue is longer than it’s predecessor on our list and is just under 11 miles in total length. Unlike 2nd Avenue, 3rd Avenue is a two-way street, with traffic coming from all directions and a cause for car accidents.

  1. 1st Avenue

The shortest street on our list, 1st Avenue, is only 6.3 miles long. Since 2013, 4,240 motor vehicle accidents have been reported on 1st Avenue. Like all of the other roads on our list, 1st Avenue is also a major north-south avenue in Manhattan. There are 12 total north-south Avenues that run the length of Manhattan. Similarly to 2nd Avenue, 1st Avenue is also a one-way street and many cyclists use the bike lanes along the road.

  1. 10th Avenue

Spanning 10.5 miles, 10th Avenue had 4,062 motor vehicle accidents since 2013. The majority of 10th Avenue is one-way traffic, but in certain parts of the city, it becomes a two-way street. Throughout history, 10th Avenue was known for running through many of the poorer areas of the city. It’s been known for its high commercial traffic, and once had a majority of the road running railroad lines throughout. In the 1800s, there was a high-frequency of freight train and automobile collisions on 10th Avenue, leaving it often referred to as Death Avenue.

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