7 Driving Safety Tips for Halloween

Driving on Halloween

#1: Have a Designated Sober Driver or use a Rideshare App

If you choose to celebrate Halloween with alcohol, remember to have a plan for leaving whatever parties you may be attending. We all know alcohol and driving don’t mix, but you may not realize that that is especially true on Halloween. Alcohol-related car crash fatalities increase threefold on Halloween, according to the Department of Transportation. Don’t risk it.

#2: Drive Slower Than Normal

During Halloween, children are excited and may be less supervised by adults than normal. When driving, especially in residential areas, expect children to dart in front of your car for dropped candy. Slowing from 30 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour cuts your stopping distance by almost 40 feet and that could be all the difference.

#3: Use Your Headlights!

Halloween costumes can be bright and colorful, but they can also be completely black. Use your headlights even during the day, so you can see well enough to make good driving decisions.

#4: Exit Driveways and Alleys with Caution

Auto accidents happen mostly in residential neighborhoods on Halloween. Driveways that might normally have no foot traffic can be mobbed with kids. Be extra careful when going over sidewalks or in difficult to see intersections.

#5: Pull Over If You Use Your Phone

Many people use their phones for directions these days. If you’re not sure where the party you’re attending is, just pull over and figure it out. Fiddling with your phone will distract and make you much more likely to get into an accident.

#6: Be Alert When Backing Out of Parking

If you need to back out of a spot, try to have a friend step out of the car to ensure you can do so safely. Don’t rely solely on backup cameras or what you can see when you turn your head. All it takes is one child to be in your blindspot to cause a terrible accident.

#7: Don’t Let Music Distract You

Music can be great entertainment in the car, but be cautious with it during Halloween. Loud music is distracting and you need to be able to hear where pedestrians are, so you can react that much faster.

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