How to Avoid These Top 5 Construction Site Accidents

How to Avoid These Top 5 Construction Site Accidents

Did you know, that roughly 65,000 construction site employees report injuries in the workplace annually? Some of these injuries are the result of pure accident, but others can involve serious negligence when safety protocols are not implemented or followed.

Unfortunately, there are many common causes of construction site accidents, when the following five accounting for the highest percentages. As a construction site worker, you should know the ways to avoid these potential accidents.

Falls from High Areas

This situation accounts for roughly 35% of all construction site accidents, typically involving ladders, scaffolding, and other walkways lifted high above the ground. Before you work from a high area, ensure that the area is properly secured and that you have all necessary equipment, including a harness.

Slip and Falls

Occurring roughly 27% of all construction site accidents, slip and falls can cause serious injury. These work sites are full of various tripping hazards that are not secured properly and there are no warnings. Be sure to stay vigilant around the worksite and watch where you are stepping.

Struck By Accidents

Accounting for 12% of injuries on construction sites, these types of accidents occur when there are unsecured objects from high areas. These objects are at risk of falling and anyone occupying the space below the falling object can be at risk. If you’re working with the objects, be sure to keep them as secure as possible.

If you’re working on the ground, a hard hat should always be worn to prevent serious head trauma.

Lifting and Carrying Accidents

While not as common—roughly 8% of construction accidents are caused by this—many individuals on construction sites suffer injuries when lifting and carrying heavy objects. Be sure to handle these items correctly, request help if necessary, or use the machinery provided to you to prevent these injuries from occurring.

Moving Vehicle Accidents

Cars, forklifts, and other vehicles may be present on the construction site. When they are, there should also be specified routes by which they must travel, as well as traffic organization to prevent potential dangers.

When negligence exists on a construction site, the potential for injury is greatly heightened. It makes it increasingly important for construction workers to recognize their rights if they sustain an injury. At Loscalzo & Loscalzo, our Manhattan construction accident attorneys are here for you.


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