The Bird Box Challenge: Don’t Try This at Home

Many people are talking about the movie ‘Bird Box’ and it has been the subject of many memes and challenges. If you are unfamiliar with the movie, it’s about a mysterious force taking over the world and making those who experience it commit heinous acts of violence to their demise. In order to protect themselves, the surviving members of society use blindfolds when they leave to find food and supplies. Though the movie is suspenseful, many have found humor in it and have begun a variety of Bird Box Challenges. While a number of social media users have found these challenges, reenactments, and memes to be funny, they can be dangerous and result in serious injury.

There are many ways in which people are participating in the Bird Box Challenge. One common act is that people attempt to navigate their way around town while blindfolded. Not only does this put their safety at risk, but also that of bystanders, which can be children and the elderly, as well. A number of other people have tried driving while blindfolded which is obviously extremely dangerous. Even if there is a passenger in the front seat helping to steer or give directions, this can cause injury, and even death, to many people. The reenactments or mere incorporations of being blindfolded have shown the types of dangerous situations that can occur when the basic, but very essential, use of your eyes is purposefully taken away. In this article, Netflix warns of such challenges and cautions everyone who has considered partaking in this fad to not do anything that could potentially cause harm.

In addition to injury, there are legal repercussions that are a possibility. If someone is injured by you, you and your insurance could be responsible for compensating them. Furthermore, they may seek to press charges against you for acting recklessly and putting them in danger. If this occurs, you’d need legal representation. An attorney can explain what you can expect the legal ramifications to be in this matter.

If you have caused an injury or have been injured by someone participating in the Bird Box Challenge, contact Loscalzo & Loscalzo P.C. to discuss the next steps you should take.

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