New York City Ridesharing Programs & Options

If you’re traveling around the city for work or pleasure, it’s easy to leave your car at home. We’ve pulled the top NYC ridesharing apps for you and compiled them in our latest blog below. Using a ridesharing app has its advantages, and we’re here for you should anything go not as planned.


Available in New York City only, the Juno app states: “Juno treats drivers better, drivers treat you better.” They believe in hiring only the best, vetted drivers in NYC and are concerned with passenger safety. Their app also supports live phone, chat, email, and app support 24/7.


VIA’s selling point is their shared rider option, which creates an affordable solution for many riders who are concerned about rideshare programs pricing. Another fun aspect of VIA is that they offer weekly or monthly flat-rate options which include multiple rides a day. These can help both tourists and commuters alike save money in the long term. Right now, VIA is only available in New York City, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.


Uber is by far the most popular ride-sharing app around. It’s vehicle-size options, carpooling availability, and price transparency are all selling points for their app. Typically, Uber is one of the cheaper options and also one of the only apps that put a focus on accommodating riders with special needs. Uber is so wide-spread, that they aren’t able to vet and review each and every driver like some of the other local ride-sharing apps have been able to do. Be sure you stay safe and alert when using Uber around town.


You may have seen Curb around town in your local taxis. Recently, Yellow Cab and other NYC taxi options have partnered up with Curb to create a similar app experience to Uber for those times when you normally would just have hailed a cab. Curb also has in-taxi entertainment options, and also allows you to pre-pay or mobile pay for your taxi ride once you’re en route. The Curb app service currently has over 500,000 taxis available within their app.


The second-most-popular ride-sharing app (behind Uber) is Lyft. Lyft is better known for treating its employees fairly, and also for its pink mustaches. Lyft’s pricing once was the most affordable option, but now tends to run competitively against the other apps in the market. Many drivers often work for both Uber and Lyft, so you’ll often see both stickers on the front of your driver’s car.

We’re here to help answer any ride-sharing questions you may have, especially if you or a loved one experienced an accident during your ride. Call our firm today to schedule a free case evaluation.