New York City Construction Project Safety

New York City Construction Project Safety

With all the construction that's constantly underway in New York City, it's no secret that accidents do happen. An increase in construction projects also means that the accident rate can easily increase as well. While nobody wants to decrease the amount of available work, there are certain things that can be done to ensure the safety of construction workers is always improving.

One of the most dangerous times of the year in the industry is none other than the winter months. These pose a whole set of risks that might not be seen during the other times of the year. Below you'll find our top tips for New York City construction project safety that should be introduced into your work practices if they're not already being used by your company.

1. Always take time to put eyes on the project and workplace.

There should always be a process in place for inspecting the job site and equipment that's used for the job. In cold weather, there's a little bit more work to this but the extra work does pay off in the long run when your company and its employees embrace a better safety record.

Draining fluid from air compressor tanks, freeing roadways around the worksite of ice and snow, as well as checking the fluid levels in equipment are just a few of the things that shouldn't be overlooked when doing job site inspections during the winter. Keep an open mind and think about every possible result as you inspect, and make sure you do an inspection frequently to ensure no hazard put your employees at risk.

2. Cold weather requires a different variety of PPE.

When the cold weather hits, the hardest days to be a construction worker appear. It's not an easy job to be in construction as it is and when you mix in cold weather it only gets more difficult. One of the things that every contractor needs to do is make sure that their personal protection equipment (PPE) is adapted when the cold weather hits.

A few of the most popular winter additions are gloves, jackets, and headwear. Of course, there are others depending on what your company partakes in. Just search online for "personal protection equipment for winter" and you should have something more extensive to go buy.

3. Messy workplaces lead to messy accidents. Especially in the winter.

Regardless of what you do for a living, when something big is going on the audience will grow. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest hazards in the construction industry. A large machine will start up and start putting in work, and construction workers tend to stand and watch it go down.

Keeping that in mind, it's also important to know that clutter is commonplace on the job site too. Tools just laying around aimlessly and boxes are just a couple of the types of clutter you'll see. Whether it's a crowd grouped up or clutter that makes your job site messy, you need to make sure that it's always cleaned up and that processes are in place for it to stay that way before, during, and after work.

BONUS TIP – If an accident does happen, protecting yourself is a priority.

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